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Give the Gift of Faith, Hope & Healing

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Health from a Biblical Perspective: 90 min / $50 per person

 It is God’s will that we prosper and be healthy even as our soul prospers (3 John 2).  We are body/mind/spirit beings and this teaching promotes wellness from this holistic perspective. 

Current State of Health & Health Outcomes: 60 min / $50 per person   

 This seminar brings awareness of how the practice of self-care (body/mind/spirit) or lack thereof can greatly impact health outcomes.    

Your Health Is Your Success: 60 min / $50 per person  

 However we define success, it can’t be obtained unless we are at an optimum level of wellness.  Our state of health impacts personal success. (This seminar piggybacks off of Health & Health Outcomes)


Intro to Health & Wellness: 60 min / $50 per person  

This seminar focuses on the differences between health and wellness; helps participants define what wellness looks like as it pertains to their individual health status.


Self-Care During Chemotherapy: 90 min / $90 per person

Self-Care Gems for those who’ve made the decision to begin and/or currently receiving chemotherapy.  Care, compassion and authenticity from a healthcare professional who walked  through the journey and is now healed, healthy and whole: body, mind, and spirit (Includes journal).

How to Decrease Your Exposure to Chemicals: 90 min / $120 per person

(includes handouts)

Concerned about environmental chemicals and the role they've had in your current health issue?  The path to optimum health is about decreasing our exposure to toxins while increasing our body's detoxification system.  We will address an aspect of your health that more than likely, you've not addressed before: YOUR HOME ENVIRONMENT!    

 *Additional Seminars: Meal Planning Made Easy, Gut Health, "Inflammation Sensation," "The Detox Advantage" and many more!


      All seminars are available online or via teleconference for a private learning experience


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