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What Is A Nurse Coach?


My Passion & Purpose: 

My purpose is to teach others stewardship over their health!

As a conqueror of cancer and congestive heart failure, I help other warrior fighters

50 years young & BEYOND to build up the resilience to fight back and walk their way

to wellness one step, one day at a time so that they can improve their quality of life!   




Cultivate and leave a legacy of health, healing, and (w)holistic well-being that expands across generational and geographical boundaries!   






Warriors Walk To Wellness Signature Programs 



“Coach Jean's energy and compassion is awesome!  She encouraged me to celebrate myself and my accomplishments both big and small"

S.D., Age 45, Georgia

"Provides a holistic approach to coaching that covers all aspects of life.  This was an eye-opening experience for me.  I learned something about myself in every session.  Because of you, I am becoming a better me!"

A. M.N., Age 50, Georgia

"Prior to working with you I was feeling somewhat trapped and unsure of how to kickstart my journey towards wellness. I greatly benefitted from your style of "peeling back the layers" to get to the root of the problem(s).  In doing so, I was free to do a self-inventory without feeling shame.  You allowed space and respected my boundaries" A.J.C., Age 50, Georgia

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