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You shall live!  RECLAIM your health and LIVE your LIFE!  We only have one life, one body and it is our temple.  It is God's will that we be healthy and prosper even as our spirit prospers. 

(3 John 2) Allow me to assist you on your journey to LIVING the ABUNDANT LIFE that God intended for you to live!    

  I am Nurse Coach Jean:

Minister of Christ

Holistic Health Nurse Coach (RN) with National Certification in Inpatient OB 

Retired Army Veteran


Media Personality

Inspirational Speaker


Cancer and CHF Conqueror



Teach others stewardship over their health


Inspire warriors living with chronic illness/disease to take charge of their health: Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit so that HEALING can take place 



TRUE HEALTH begins from the inside out and prior to conception!


Enhance the health, well-being, and quality of life for all with special emphasis on those of us 50 years young & BEYOND!   


 Increased energy levels

Feeling like your “normal” self 

Feeling confident in your ability to take charge and be your own patient advocate

A stronger, healthier and more resilient YOU! 


Your NEW is NOW! 

I challenge you to take CHARGE of Your Health & Ignite the Warrior In You!


Signature & Specialty Nurse Coaching Program Packages:

Cancer Self-Care

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) & Diabetes

Health Prevention for those 50 years young & BEYOND (SM)

Pre-Conception Care for Pregnancy Planning

Mindfulness Meditation

                                         Spiritual Health Coaching                                          


Upcoming Events...


    17 January 2021 (7 p.m. EST)


    Your NEW is NOW! 

    A Sunday Self-Care Session Private Event:

   "January Jumpstart to Wellness" 

    Register Now at:










"I give Coach Jean my wholehearted endorsement!  Her approach in coaching is mentally stimulating!"  J.L.T., Age 66, Atlanta, GA

"Working with Coach Jean helped me to find healthier alternatives to coping with my stress.  This has been a positive life-changing experience" J. Cox, Age 31, Georgia

“Coach Jean's energy and compassion is awesome!  She encouraged me to celebrate myself and my accomplishments both big and small"

Sharon D., Age 45, Georgia

"Provides a holistic approach to coaching that covers all aspects of life.  This was an eye-opening experience for me.  I learned something about myself in every session.  Because of you, I am becoming a better me!"

A. McNeil, Age 50, Georgia

"Prior to working with you I was feeling somewhat trapped and unsure of how to kickstart my journey towards wellness. I greatly benefitted from your style of "peeling back the layers" to get to the root of the problem(s).  In doing so, I was free to do a self-inventory without feeling shame.  You allowed space and respected my boundaries" A.J.C., Age 50, Georgia