About Coach Jean

As an Army Nurse Corps Officer, Certified Health Coach, marathoner/half-marathoner, and pescetarian, I spent years educating, training, encouraging, and inspiring others to practice self-care and wellness. Summer of 2018 totally transformed my life when I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor.  I'm a witness that regardless of the diagnosis, you CAN live at your maximum level of wellness! 

BLUF: Are you sick and tired of feeling less than 100% and ready to do something about it?

Learn basic principles of stewardship over your health with one or all of my wellness seminars!   

As a Certified Health Coach and critical link in the healthcare chain:


I serve as the gap between you and your health care provider to help you develop, improve, and maintain positive lifestyle changes so that YOU CAN function at your maximum wellness capacity!


I transform lives through self-awareness and education in order to bring about transformation.  

My workshops inform, inspire, and impart so that you become, believe and build confidence in your ability to maximize your potential to improve and maintain a state of health and preserve your healing. 

Unlike many others, I view health and healing from a holistic perspective.  I incorporate what I refer to as “THE TRUE TRIAD” for Health and Healing: Body, Mind (thoughts, understanding, emotions) and Spirit.  An imbalance in any of these components affects our overall well-being.

To be successful in life, we must be strong and able to function at a maximum level of wellness that is based  on our current individual health status.