What some happy clients have to say:  

*Self-Care During Chemotherapy: 90 min / $90 per person

(includes self-care journal)

Jean’s Journey and Self-Care Gems for those who’ve made the decision to begin and/or currently receiving chemotherapy.  Care, compassion and authenticity from a healthcare professional that walked through the journey and is now healed, healthy and whole body, mind, and spirit.

Recognize, Release & Refocus: 90 min / $120 per person

(includes journal)

Stress is our reaction to the stimuli that places us in a state of dis-ease and if left unresolved, can lead to chronic, overwhelming dis-ease and disease!  This signature program learn to distinguish good/bad stress, recognize symptoms, ways to manage good stress, release bad stress, and refocus on your most valuable asset, YOU!

*Meal Planning Tips & Benefits: 90 min / $90 per person (includes handouts)

Quick tips to make meal prepping easy, breezy in 30 minutes or less!

*The Detox Advantage: 90 min / $125 per person

(includes handouts)

Weight loss, glowing skin and enough energy to make it through the day can be yours!  Sign up for this program and learn detox principles and several food swaps to help support your natural detox system. Available via live seminar, on-line and teleconference.

My 7-Day Self-Care Journey to Healthier Habits: $97 per person (available on-line only)

Get the Information, Inspiration, and Motivation you need to jumpstart or resume your wellness goals and discover a healthier you!

Workplace Wellness: 90 min / $125 per person

(includes mini-workbook and healthy snack)

Callouts cost you money and decrease productivity!  This package of wellness & lifestyle management workshops provide strategies for you and your employees to prevent and/or improve upon current health status.  Available for lunch & learns, corporate wellness events.

The Restorative Cleanse Program.  Please email for further details.


                            Additional seminars available upon request


          * Also available online or via teleconference for a private learning experience