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You don't have to be "FOXY" in order to take advantage of this signature program!    YOU CAN BE A MAN!  


YOU ARE responsible for your health & wellbeing!  Our signature programs have something for both men and women who desire to maintain a state of wellness at age 50 & BEYOND!  Want to increase your energy?  Lose weight and feel great?  Age gracefully and do all the things you plan to do?  Sign up now for your 1:1 coaching session and work together to remove the obstacles keeping you from reaching your wellness potential!  Webinars below available for purchase separately but more "bank for your buck" with purchase of the entire program.  *Basic Wellness Webinars" also available on a variety of wellness topics.  Contact us for more details* 


                Make Health Your Hobby©: Do you have an IRA, IRAH or both?  You’ve spent years planning for retirement but have you ever thought about your state of health/health span?  In this wellness webinar, we discuss healthy vs. unhealthy aging, IRAH’s, and provide you with tools for healthy aging.  Webinar includes a mini-workbook. (Overall Health) 


                 Recognize, Release & Refocus ©: Stress is our reaction to the stimuli that places us in a state of dis-ease and if left unresolved, can lead to chronic, overwhelming disease and disease!  The goal is for you to develop a greater understanding of how unhealthy stress impedes your success and present you with an arsenal of stress reducing tips that you can easily apply daily!  We'll also create a healthy, holistic self-care plan for reducing and/or managing unhealthy stress so you can focus on your most valuable asset: YOU!

Includes a mini-workbook. (Stress Management)


       Inflammation Sensation©: Both researchers and physicians agree that chronic inflammation is a leading cause of disease.  This webinar provides you with a greater understanding of the role chronic inflammation plays in one’s health and ways to reduce it. Includes handouts. (Immune Health)


          Move Waste from Your Waist©: This webinar will help you identify your individual body type, indicators of healthy aging, and how your WAIST size affects your WEIGHT and overall health.  Includes a mini-workbook. (Gut Health/Overall Health)

            My 7-Day Self-Care Journey to Healthier Habits©: For those of you who desire to jump start or resume your wellness goals and discover a healthier you!  Includes self-care workbook/journal, daily e-mails, handouts, daily 30-min video conference, goal setting and personalized action plan.  

          Move More©: (Part II of “Move Waste from Your Waist) Are you a mover or a sitter?  What are the best exercises to do?  These are just some of the questions covered during this workshop as we go over why moving waste from your waist is important for well-being.  A basic exercise plan is included. (Overall Health)  


            The Detox Advantage©: Are you struggling to lose weight?  Do you get tired easily?  Want glowing skin?  A build-up of toxins in the body negatively affects our weight loss goals.  Discover why you may need to detox, detox principles, several food swaps to help support your natural detox system and develop a personal self-care plan for eliminating toxins within your home.


Are You a Healthcare Provider Needing to Improve Your HEDIS SCORES?

We can assist by providing 1:1 coaching with your patients to explore the obstacles that are keeping them from achieving the goals in your treatment plan.


Are You a Business Owner In Need of "Workplace Wellness Solutions?"

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us do business but not everyone can work from home!  Call outs due to illness cost money and decrease productivity!  We provide "Workplace Wellness Solutions" and Strategies for you and your employees to prevent or improve your current health status. 


Please contact us for a complete listing of all available programs

What some happy clients have to say:  

 "Feeling encouraged because I know she practices what she preaches."  Kim M.

"The fall cleanse was what I needed to energize and rejuvenate my body. My energy levels were more than I have ever experienced. My skin never looked better. 7 days of concentrating on me was exactly what I needed."  Charmaine L.

I made the decision to take my health more seriously at the beginning of this year (2020) by taking the 7-Day Self-Care Journey with Coach Jean.  I am beyond satisfied with the wisdom that was imparted to me.  Jean is not only knowledgeable, but her sincere desire to see others walk in total wellness is reflected in everything she does."  Alonia J.